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TSA - AVIATION TECHNOLOGY COMPANY has as an institutional mission the supply of products and services in the civil aviation sector, focusing on aerial activities of public safety.


Our mission is offer quality solutions to optimize air activities in the security area, creating a healthy and ethical work environment, resulting from a process that is articulated in diagnosis, planning and monitoring of results.

In this direction, three certainties motivate, even more, the commitment assumed by the TSA.


New realities and demands for public safety are increasingly requiring the use of air resources, which requires police organizations and other police bodies to carry out a comprehensive review of the operational concepts of airplanes and helicopters in missions of public protection and relief.


Most of the time, the old air resources management structures are ineffective due to the breadth and nature of the current challenges to be faced. Our scope is to provide services capable of meeting the specific needs and demands of each client.


The other not less important certainty is that the incessant pursuit of modern managerial practice in the areas of intelligence and technology are basic assumptions for the achievement of results in this sector. Thus, we move from mere speculation, improvisation and reactive interventions to the universe of research.


Severo Augusto

Chief Executive Oficcer | CEO

Gílson Martins

Business Development Director


Fernanda Ferreira

Financial Advisor

Jamily Moreira

Comercial Representant | Sales

Carlos Brugger

IT Coordinator

Rubens Curvello

System Analist

Raul Lages

System Analist

Edivaldo Pacheco

System Analist

Gabriel Nunes

System Analist

Pedro Lucas

System Analist

Ana Prata

Aeronautic Engineering

Nicole Rafaela


Douglas Felipe